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Advantages of Undergoing the DIEP Flap Reconstruction

breast reconstruction

Have you recently had a mastectomy? If the answer is yes, you probably wonder about the surgical option to replace the breast tissue, which currently missed during the process. Many women undergoing mastectomy have an issue with cancer or other health problems. That’s why they need to reconstruct their breast into a regular one through breast surgery. Among many breast reconstruction surgery options, the DIEP flap procedure might be the best choice to go. DIEP stands for Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforators, and the process involves the use of deep lower epigastric perforators to reconstruct the breast and remove a flap of skin and adipose tissue from the intestine. This type of surgery has several advantages that prove it is the ultimate choice to have breast reconstruction for women, as listed below. If you have already made a bold decision to go with this procedure, compose yourself and read about How to Prepare for Diep Flap Reconstruction so that you can rest assured to get on with your surgeon in the process.

Natural Substance

breast surgeryThe advantages of flap reconstruction surgery include the fact that it uses a natural substance from the patient’s body. The tissue from the patient’s body would be the best source to reconstruct your breast, as the body can directly recognize the tissue itself. It means that there is no chance the body will show any sign of rejection while identifying the tissue. More importantly, the tissue of the patient’s body is safer and stronger than other reconstruction procedures, such as breast implants. Such a process requires using silicon bags, which might pose additional health risks when your body shows an indication of rejection.

Reduces Risk

Another advantage of the DIEP flap method is that this method removes the tissue within your system. It means that that the removal of the tissue reduces the possible risks. The intestinal tissue is removed from the person without risk of muscle injury. Many women even have reported that they feel more satisfied with their abdomen. It happens because their abdomen appearance looks slimmer after the removal of fat after the DIEP flap surgery procedure. Also, the skin around the abdomen becomes more elastic than in other areas, leading to fewer scar effects.

breast reconstruction

Best Procedure

Most surgeons often recommend this cosmetic procedure after mastectomy because the surgery is safe and ends with a natural sensation and reconstruction. However, please remember that not all patients are good to go with the DIEP flap reconstruction. This surgical procedure needs enough tissue in the abdomen to have a successful replacement tissue lost in the patient’s breast. Consulting with your surgeon is essential to discuss which surgery option is available and meets your needs. This way, you can ensure what would be best to reconstruct your breast.